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'Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft' tournament being held in Berlin

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Many popular Twitch.TV streamers have been absent from their usual schedule times this week as they travel to a planned recording of a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft tournament being held in Berlin, Germany. The tournament will not broadcast live as it is being edited and formatted for a production broadcast. No announced date has been set for the release of the tournament, but in a video log by Artosis, one of the players in the tournament, you can expect something to air next week most likely.

The tournament will consist of two teams of 4. All of the invited players in the tournament will bring 3 decks to Berlin and will play best out of 5 against an opponent. Winning decks will stay at the table and will advance the team forward. The tournament will ultimately be lost by the team that runs out of decks. These 8 players are no strangers to one another and have faced off in multiple matches in ESGNTV's Fight Night Hearthstone series.

The two teams are Team Dogehouse which is made up of mostly European players and another team that has not picked a name yet that is made up of mostly North American players. The two teams are split like so:

Team Dogehouse:

  • Artosis
  • Ekop
  • Nyhx
  • Gnimsh

No Named Team:

  • Trump
  • Strifecro
  • Monk
  • Kripparian

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is still in closed beta, however tournaments have been running for over a year now. Many people speculate that the latest patch was the last big patch before opening up the beta for everyone. To find out more information on Hearthstone and to stay up to date on everything gaming, make sure to hit the subscribe button at the top or follow articles on Twitter.

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