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Heartbroken child's lost dog adopted by another family

Raffiki and Rosa's little boy snoozing together before the pup escaped from her home.
Rosa Torres submitted photo/LA

A four-year-old little boy from Panorama City, a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, is heartbroken that his seven-month-old Rhodesian ridgeback pup will not be returned to his family after the dog accidentally escaped from her home about three weeks ago reported

Somehow the beautiful fawn colored puppy disappeared and was brought to the West Valley Animal Shelter. The puppy was not wearing a collar and had no microchip.

Rosa Torres was the dog's owner, and searched her entire neighborhood trying to find her dog, including searching Craigslist and posting her dog's photo to a Facebook page reserved for lost dogs. She also visited her local shelter in her area asking if anyone had found her beloved puppy.

No one ever told Torres about West Valley Animal Shelter which was ten miles from her home.

Torres even made posters of her lost dog named Raffiki.

A well-known and respected animal rescue group Karma Rescue bailed the dog out of the shelter and placed her up for adoption.

Sadly the paths attempting to lead to the rescue of Raffiki, which everyone wanted, somehow were diametrically opposed.

One week later, the young pup is adopted by a new family who paid the rescue organization a $300 donation. Renamed Kami, the new family is thrilled with their newest companion.

At the same time the new family was preparing to adopt Kami (aka Raffiki), Rosa Torres had been notified of her dog's location and applied online to the rescue to adopt back her dog. She also left a message on their phone, but said no one ever responded.

According to the LA Times, however Torres stated the following:

"The application form says why do you want this particular dog. I said because she belongs to me. I said we love her and we miss her and we want her back home with us.

... "did not meet the qualifications that Karma looks for when adopting a dog to a home."

Karma Rescue adopted the dog to a new home. When the dog was rescued from a county shelter, she had no identification nor had she been spayed. Statistically three to four million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in city shelters. With responsible pet ownership comes the duty to spay and neuter and to make sure, in the event a pet is lost, there is a way to safely reunite the pet with their family.

Rosa Torres had the puppy since she was two months old.

As far as Rosa Torres, no one asked her what happened and when was she going to have her puppy micro chipped and spayed. She searched for her dog and did not give up. She was delighted when she found her dog was safe, but was unable to get her dog returned.

Meanwhile a little boy cries for the beautiful dog he once loved.

Is there a right and wrong in this situation? You decide.

It is not known if Rosa, Karma Rescue, and the new owners are going to try and figure out a solution.

You can follow the amazing work of Karma Rescue on their Facebook page by clicking here.

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