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Heartbroken and defeated, shelter dog's sad face says it all

Depressed and in need of rescue
Depressed and in need of rescue
CACC Transfer Team

A young dog, who was confiscated from his owner who was being evicted from his home, was taken to the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility in Ill. Today, the dog named "Zucchini," is behind bars, as if he did something wrong.

On Tuesday, the Facebook page CACC Transfer Team, which is run by volunteers, wrote this information about the recently impounded dog:

male ...seems young...soooo broken and sad in cage...just came in when I was there....took a treat sweetly...he was confiscated after an eviction.he was tied to a huge rope in his intake 7/22

Zucchini is confused and depressed...he lost his person, along with everything that was once familiar and comforting to him. As soon as Zucchini becomes "city property" on July 22, he will be available to a rescue agency.

Zucchini is one of the many dogs who are labeled "rescue only." The CACC Transfer Team promotes these dogs to better their odds of making it out of the animal control facility alive. Rescue only dogs will only be released to approved Homeward Bound partners. Why rescue only? Click here to read more.

Readers can help Zucchini by networking his information, which increases his visibility to potential rescuers.

  • Zucchini is available July 22
  • Facebook thread for Zucchini here
  • Identification number A112944, Kennel number C180
  • If you’re a rescue group that wants to apply to pull from Chicago ACC, please fill out a Homeward Bound Application below and fax to 312-747-1409 along with your IL Dept. of Agriculture License and 501c3.

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