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Heartbreak series-I need your love

Love is universal. So is heartbreak!

Omar Eldamsheety, Poet
Omar Eldamsheety,

Our next heartbreak poem submission comes from Omar Eldamsheety , a poet based in the country of Egypt. In this poem Omar echoes the yearning of all those who are hopelessly in love and who dream that somehow their love will be returned in full measure. The poem is immediately followed by an author interview I conducted with Omar..

I need your love

There is a part in your heart for me
No one took it, no one will do
If you deny, try to forget me
I was the first who said I love you

I know, you are a hopeless dream
I'm not here to make it true
From you I need only one beam
To color my sky with blue

As plant needs water and sun
As bird to fly needs feather
As soldier in war needs a gun
As baby to be born needs mother

I need your eyes
I need your love

Author Interview

1. Are you a first time author?
Yes, I'm a first time author.

2. What inspired you to choose the concept of "Love" as your subject matter to write about?
Because love is the most important thing in my life.

3. Tell me a little about your work as a writer. What other poems and/or short stories have you written.
I have been writing Arabic poetry since 1989 ... I started writing English poetry at 2014 ... I wrote 7 English poems (Be great, Stay as a friend, Write poetry, Because of you, Our story, I need your love & Your wedding party).

4. Do you plan to publish a book of poems in the future?
Yes, I will publish a book of my poems.

5. What's your best advice to first time poets?
My advice: believe that you can write ... read as much as you can.

6. You have a very interesting background in the Engineering field. Tell me a little about yourself.
I graduated from Engineering faculty in 2000 ... I worked in 7 different companies ... I worked in production and maintenance field.

7. How does Poetry fit in with all of that?
I'm a poet before I became an Engineer ... poetry is in my soul ... I can leave anything to continue my remaining life years as a poet.

Omar's passion for poetry comes out clearly in this interview. He, like many others, finds great pleasure in writing poetry. There are many poets out there, however, who have not chosen to take the next step to get their work published. If you are reading this and you fall in this category, rest assured that the world waits to hear from you. You are unique and your way of expressing yourself will be unique. But you must take that first step forward. You must take that leap of faith, and share your gift with others. One step at a time you will find yourself fulfilling your dreams, and at the same time you will bring happiness to others. I wish you all the best as you step into unknown territory. Reach out and you will find those willing to help you along the pathway of success!

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