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Heartbreak series-Help Dana overcome traumatic brain injury

Today I want to recognize those who have gone through physical, emotional and mental trauma. Sometimes dreams seem to suddenly shatter by events that occur beyond our control. These events can happen to us or our loved ones and leave us hurt and heartbroken. What we know is that when these events take place, it challenges us and all those who come into our sphere of influence. It challenges us to seek meaning in what has occurred. Senseless acts of violence, man's inhumanity to man, deliberate crimes of passion, hate crimes, are happening around us on a daily basis. The circumstances and the details surrounding these traumatic events makes them even harder to endure.

Dana Lee Daley

Such is the case in this story I am sharing with you today. Dana Lee Daley is a bright, smart young lady whose life took a sudden frightening twist at the beginning of 2014, in January, a month when millions around the world are still basking in the glow of New Year celebrations and hoping that the year will be one filled with success and happiness.

It was no different for Dana. But all her dreams were challenged and her very life hung in the balance because of what occurred on a fateful day in January: "On January 2014, Dana Daley, 28, was struck and severely injured by a hit and run driver. She was seen lying on the side of the road by a ‘Good Samaritan’ who called 911. She was picked up by the paramedics and was taken to the nearest trauma center. On arrival to the hospital, she was found to have a head injury, along with multiple facial, hip, and lower left leg fractures. She is totally dependent for all her care needs..." You can read more of the story here.

But the story does not end here. There is something we all can do to help. Dana is alive and fighting to fully regain her health. You do not have to know Dana personally to help her. If you have experienced pain or heartbreak of some kind, you can empathize in a practical way by reaching out to Dana and her family at this time. Please visit this link and help Dana in a tangible way. The medical expenses that accompany traumatic brain injury may seem staggering for one family to bear, but when everyone comes together and gives a contribution, however small, it makes all the difference. On behalf of Dana and her family, I want to thank you all in advance for whatever you do, however small, to assist. The process is ongoing, and sustained help is essential. Please join them as they overcome heartbreak!

Please help support Dana and her parents as they work on her recovery with the hospital and rehab team. Go to this link to make your contribution. Thank you!

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