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Heartbreak, friendship and Wicca in Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump has Wiccan friends, Jewish friends, recovering friends, married, single and Christian friends. But she's getting on all of their nerves.
Lisa Vanderpump, Facebook

It’s happening again. There’s an air of dissension in Beverly Hills and its Real Housewives series. This time the air is so thick Lisa Vanderpump’s going to cry her way around it. Or through it.

Lisa can’t get past the bad vibes coming her way and Kyle can’t get around new cast member Carlton’s Wiccan religion.

Some feel Carlton is unfair revenge for cast member Kyle. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans over the years probably wished Kyle would quit the show. But this season, Kyle's a sympathetic figure. First the bad hubby rumors and now a Wiccan who can’t stand the sight of her, mostly because of the things Kyle says.

Lisa Vanderpump has always been considered calculating and shrewd. Now she’s being called insincere because she's been a little inconsiderate this season.

Lisa skipped a party at Kim’s home and later proved she clearly had opportunity to be there. It’s too bad Kim Richards was so irrevocably wounded when Ken reminded Kim that she has probably missed lots of events too. Once again, Vanderpump higher intellect and wit were at work.

But Kim and Kyle Richards aren't the most educated women in the group. Ken’s statement didn't come across as a huge indictment against Kim, but as an acknowledgement of wife’s obliviousness. Apologies, no matter how backhanded, aren't likely to come twice.

The cast sees Lisa Vanderpump's no shows and critical remarks as not being a very good friend.

And while any confrontation Lisa has with the women isn’t likely to be as dramatic and off the charts as Carlton’s spazz on Kyle, it’s also highly unlikely that Lisa’s computer screen will turn up words like bad friend, mean girl or shrew on their screensavers and old pc monitors.

Not only is Lisa's absence a problem, her absent-mindedness has been interpreted as conspiracy. Either Lisa was thinking or she was not thinking when she hosted a dinner party at her home while one of Brandi’s biggest antagonist served drinks at the affair.

Lisa’s been a leader on the series and has often called the women to make-up and hug it out.

But now the ladies don’t want Lisa’s advice on personal matters. And that's been stamped by Yolanda who had to insist that Lisa end any attempts to resolve Real Housewives issues at her daughter’s event.

Teams Lisa and Teams Brandi are already lined up. But sides and pairings don't last long in Beverly Hills. Time and again, they've proven friendship is bigger than that.

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