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Heart & Sole dancers at Kings Fork Middle School

Heart & Sole Dance Company held its annual end-of-the-year dance recital at Kings Fork Middle School at 4:00 p.m. on May 31, 2014.

Staff at Heart & Sole Dance Company
Staff at Heart & Sole Dance Company
Janice B. Holland
Choreographed the dance recital on 5/31/2014
Heart & Sole website

After staff introductions were made, sophomore Hailey Bailey sang the National Anthem. Then it became A Time to Dance, the theme of the show.

Students from 2 – 18 delighted an auditorium packed with family members and friends as the kids danced to a menagerie of music ranging from classical to hip-hop; country to hard-rock; opera to jazz; etc. The emcee suggested audience members shout out to their loved ones as they came onto stage to encourage them. The shouts occurred a fair amount during the first act but not as much during the second; however, the applause and shouts at the end of each performance remained steadfast throughout the afternoon.

Two of the highlights of the show were the Daddy-Daughter dance at the end of the first act and the solo performance by senior Melissa Lewis. Each was beautiful in its own way and added very touching moments to the show.

After Melissa completed her dance, she was joined on stage by her parents, Robert and Rachel Lewis, and her younger brother, Ben. After hugs and tears were exchanged, Melissa gave a bundle of flowers to each of her five co-workers/teachers as Melissa has not only danced at Heart & Sole, she has also worked for them for numerous years.

Flowers, stuffed animals and hair ties were available for purchase in the event any family wanted to present their dancer with something special after they had completed all their dances (depending on age, students danced in 2 – 3 acts). Snacks were also available during the two intermissions.

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