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'Heart Of A Stranger' true story of Claire Sylvia

true story of Claire Sylvia

"Heart Of A Stranger" is movie inspired by the true story of Claire Sylvia. The movie first premiered on Lifetime as a Lifetime original movie. "Heart Of A Stranger" is directed by Dick Lowry and is based on the books by Claire Sylvia and William Novak. The cast stars: Jane Seymour, Vince Corazz and Maggie Lawson, according to the New York Times.

"Heart Of A Stranger" synopsis/plot

When a heart finally becomes available for patient Jill Maddox, she is happy to be living a normal life again. But, Jill's life changes drastically as she takes on the personality, desires and behaviors of the heart donor.

The true story that inspired the movie involved a woman who received a heart from a stranger and later took on the stranger's personality and tastes. According to the Movies Based On True Stories Archvies, Claire Sylvia received a heart from a man who died in a car accident in 1988. Her story made headlines when she told her story in her book "A Change Of Heart."

"Heart Of A Stranger," the movie based on her real-life experiences, came to television in 2002.

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