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Heart Healthy Valentine's Day

February; it’s the time of year when love is in the air and in our hearts. This is American Heart month, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner it’s the perfect opportunity to show that special someone you truly care.

Did you know that social relationships such as those with friends, family, or intimate partners can have positive heart health benefits? Even more interesting is the relationship between sex and a lowered risk of heart attack in men. It’s true! So this Valentine’s Day make plans that show you care and help promote a healthy heart. It’s as simple as a romantic morning walk on Katy Trail or Sunday brunch with an egg-white omelet at Café Brazil on Elm street. Already have special plans for the day? An exciting rendezvous in the bedroom is always a good idea.

For those last minute planners, why not send that special person an e-card with a personalized message or simply whip up a surprise dinner at home. There are plenty of online recipes that can make even your favorite food a little healthier for your heart. Whatever you fancy, be sure to make this Valentine’s Day an especially heart healthy one, that special someone will thank you for it.

For more information check out Go Red for Women, more heart healthy recipes, or the CDC's website on heart disease


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