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Heart health: New study being launched-chocolate nutrients instead of chemicals

Imagine being able to get a healthy heart, healthy benefits that can help prevent heart attacks and strokes without a lot of chemicals. A new study is in the process of being launched that will test cocoa flavanols in pill form containing nutrients that are in dark chocolate.

Chocolate pills for a healthy heart treatment!

On March 17, the released a news story of chocolate pills that really sounds like another revolutionary discovery can possibly benefits our heart health. The study will be sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and Mars, Inc. Fred Hutchinson at the Cancer Research Center in Seattle and Howard Sesso from Brigham along with a team of others will be the leads in the upcoming study.

What will happen is Mars, Inc. will extract the flavanols from the cocoa in high concentrations and put them into a pill form. This process of extraction has been patented and has to be done before the cocoa is processed. Earlier and smaller testing has been done already and has been proven to aid in lowering blood pressure, insulin levels, cholesterol and has helped with other heart and artery related issues.

The concentration in these pills will be high unlike the chocolate that we eat as candy which has low levels of cocoa flavanols present. When chocolate is processed much of those nutrients are broken down and isn’t as effective as these new chocolate heart pills claim they will be.

Let’s wish the team good luck and success with this study and hope that there are better choices for all with chocolate for heart health in the future!

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