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Heart disease reduced by coffee


Coffee may help reduce heart disease.

On December 11, 2009 ABC published an article stating coffee can reduces our chances of getting heart disease. The article also mentions that beer can fight prostate cancer and pistachios can fight lung cancer. The study was done between male doctors and female nurses. These coffee drinking professionals are reducing their chances of getting heart disease with every cup they drink. The female nurses who drank 2-3 cups of coffee per day reduced their risk by 25% and those who drank 3-5 cups reduced their risk by 34%. The male doctors who drank coffee results were not as strong as the women but their risks were reduced as well.

Another ABC article from June 2008 goes as far as saying that drinking coffee can actually extend the length of your life. Both articles state that its not the caffeine in the coffee but the coffee itself. Another study that was done in 2007says that women over 65 who drink coffee can actually improve their thinking skills. Unfortunately these same results were not found in men.

The findings in these studies does not mean that you need to go run out and start drinking all the coffee you can. If you are on certain types of medication caffeine can have an adverse side effect and it can be harmful to you. Be sure to check your medications and talk to your doctor before you start drinking a large amount of coffee.

 A cup or two of coffee a day can be beneficial, but here a couple of local coffee shops that can give you more than just a good cup of Joe: E M Tea Coffee Cup Cafe, Coffee Culture, Panera Bread, Spot Coffee, Olson's Bakery