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Heart awareness, ways to protect your most powerful and vital organ

A picture of a human heart
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The writer once again had a close relative pass way from a heart ailment way too young. The writer himself has had to experience too many such tragic deaths in his family and he is tired of hearing it. The writer is also tired of hearing and seeing people abuse their most powerful organ their heart. Every day people knowingly or unknowingly abuse their heart everyday from not eating properly to not exercising. With all the knowledge that is out there on how to care for your heart, the writer cannot understand why people still don’t get it. Well the writer will once again explain some relatively simple ways to protect your heart for better health.

First and foremost, the writer encourages everyone to get a physical exam once a year, which should include blood work for testing one’s cholesterol and a blood pressure check. Everyone should know their cholesterol number and their blood pressure rates, like they know their last name without hesitation. This information can be very helpful to medical personal in the event you suffer from any physical aliment or have an accident of some kind. In addition everyone should know their family history of medical conditions such as heart disease. Studies have shown that people with a family history of heart disease are at a great risk themselves for developing heart disease as well. When a family member is sick or passes away, be curious and learn as much as you can.

Secondly people should reduce their waist lines, studies have shown that people who have smaller waist lines have fewer issues with their heart. To make this happen a person needs to reduce the amount of food their taking in, that is nutrition 101 for sure, but some people don’t get it. In addition try and reduce the amount of sodium you are ingesting. Some studies have shown that too much sodium puts too much stress on the heart via high blood pressure and it also can cause problems with the kidneys. When you person ingests too much sodium the body tries to get rid of the excess as quickly as possible, which can tax a person’s bodily systems. Everyone needs to keep in mind that most of the food at restaurants tends to have high amounts of sodium and calories, especially fast food establishments. It is always better to prepare your own food and then to eat out or buy processed dinners. In addition eat more fruits and vegetables especially watermelon that has lycopene and citrulline two ingredients that possibly could prevent plague build up in the arteries.

Thirdly everyone should try to exercise more; a healthy heart is an active heart. Once again studies have shown that people that exercise at least 20 minutes a day tend to have fewer heart and health problems. . A person does not have to run marathons or belong to an expensive health club, a few hand weights and music is all that is needed. This does not have to be difficult; simply walking more can improve a person’s health profoundly. The key is to get the body moving. If you can’t afford a personal trainer to help you get motivated, try and enlist a friend to provide support or even become a workout buddy. Indeed our heart is one of the most strongest and important organs and yet it is also the most abused body part. We have to better care of our heart or else it may fail prematurely like it has for many of the writer’s family members. Don’t let this happen to you and become more aware of how you care for your heart. This article is dedicated to my cousin Kenny that passed away a couple weeks ago of heart disease, he will be missed but not forgotten. For more information please consult the hyperlinks below or email the writer through Have a healthy day.

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