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Heart attack risk jumps hours after having an angry outburst

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If you get angry quick, you might want to try cool your temper before you have an outburst. It could save your life.

A new study released Monday in the European Heart Journal, finds people who have severe anger outbursts are more at risk for cardiovascular events in the two hours after the outbursts compared to others who remained calm.

Dr. Murray A. Mittleman, senior study author and an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School says, "The relative risk was similar for people who had known pre-existing heart disease and those who didn't."

Mittleman explains, "If we look at somebody at higher risk for having cardiovascular events, and they get angry multiple times a day, this can lead to 650 extra heart attacks per year out of 10, 000 a year. When we look at a person who is relatively low risk, but if they do have these episodes of anger fairly frequently, we estimate there would be about 150 extra heart attacks out of 10,000 a year."

The CDC says an estimated 17 million people worldwide die of cardiovascular diseases, particularly heart attacks and strokes, each year. Factors such as smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol Smoking and obesity also play a role in heart disease.

Doctors says anger causes the heart rate to go up, stress hormones to elevate and more rapid breathing all of which may trigger undesirable reactions in blood pressure or arteries. This disruption could mean the heart or the brain doesn't get the blood and oxygen needed, resulting in a heart attack or a stroke.

Try to reduce stress in your life and find time to relax. Make sure to eat healthy and exercise too. This can help reduce chances of cardiovascular events.

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