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Heart-2-Heart Mother/Daughter Retreat


What is the Heart-2-Heart Mother/Daughter Retreat ~ The Heart-2-Heart Mother/Daughter Retreat is an atmosphere created to strengthen the bond between mothers and their teenage daughters. It is designed to focus on the needs of the moms and the teens individually, through workshops, to provide strategies that will help them to connect with each other when they come back together.

What makes this Retreat different from other retreats ~ This retreat is different because it is my sincere desire to see relationships of mothers and daughters strengthened. The focus is on making the participants - both moms and daughters -  whole. The main purpose of the retreat is to advocate the heart-2-heart connection between a mother and daughter. Other workshops and retreats focus on one or the other; the Heart-2-Heart Retreat is designed to build the relationship not just the individual.
What can participants who attend expect ~ We have so much planned for this event. It is going to be a life changing experience for all who attend.  Attendees can expect a pajama contest, which is back by popular demand, workshops and a multitude of activities to help the girls and their mothers build and or strengthen the core of their relationship.
What was the response of the mothers and daughters who attended last year’s retreat ~ The moms and daughters loved the retreat last year. One mom said, “The heart 2 heart retreat was a life changing experience. As the mother of a teenage daughter things have been difficult for me. Thanks to the workshops that were offered at the retreat I feel that I have the tools to reconnect with my daughter as well as take time out for myself. I am also grateful for the impact the retreat had on my daughter and for the wonderful mothers that I was able to meet and share with. I thank God for giving you the vision to bring mothers and daughters together and I thank you for a first class retreat.”
A daughter from the 2009 Retreat had this to say, “The real meaning of the retreat was to love my mother and treat her as I would treat others. Also I can know that if I want to share anything with my mother I could because I can trust her. She is also the person I can run to for help. This retreat also help me open my eyes and see how much my mother cares for me and that she wants for the best for me… I hope we have another retreat like this because it really fed my heart, mind and soul. Thank you for letting me and my mother get this opportunity of knowing how important a relationship between a mother and daughter really is.”
When is the Retreat ~ March 19-20, 2010
What is the investment to attend the Retreat ~ The cost of the Retreat is $488 per couple. The fee includes a 2-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore, Inner Harbor; daytime meals; a pizza and pajama party; four workshops; t-shirts and gift bags for the mother-daughter team. 
What is the theme of this year’s retreat and how is it different from last year ~ The theme of this year’s retreat is, “Building Self-esteem to Achieve the Dream”. The theme last year was, “Strengthening the Bond”. Participating moms and daughters in this year's retreat will leave with a fresh perspective of each other's views, a deeper appreciation of the significance of their relationships and strategies to help them move forward in a positive direction.  
Live Fully,
Mia Redrick
The Mom Strategist


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