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Hearings continue on alleged alien abductee accused of child exploitation

Stan Romanek following a reported Feb. assault
Lisa Romanek, used with permission

Self-described alien abductee and author Stan Romanek, charged with two counts of child exploitation, appeared today in Colorado 8th Judicial District Court for a status hearing on his competency to stand trial. The court ruled that his competency will continue to be evaluated while a pretrial hearing was scheduled for July 30, a source close to Romanek wishing to remain unidentified informed 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner'. A continuation may be granted at the July 30 hearing, depending on his condition.

Romanek's extraordinary claims of interactions with aliens are hotly contested within the UFO community. Many suspect Romanek guilty of hoaxing his difficult to accept videos and photographs. Critics interpreted his Feb. arrest on charges related to possession and distribution of child pornography as apparent evidence of his lack of trustworthiness and mental instability.

A loyal core of Romanek followers declare his innocence, however, and continue to embrace his claims of alien abduction. Supporters accuse the powers that be of trumping up the charges in an effort to discredit the man and his outspoken stance on an alien presence. Sources close to Romanek indicated today that his competency has been called into question not because of his history in the UFO community, but due to an assault he reportedly suffered in late Feb. in front of his home.

Romanek was reportedly seriously hurt, including sustaining traumatic brain injury, during the attack. He had subsequently been in cognitive therapy since March, the source stated, leading the court to evaluate his competency.

The attackers remain at large while possible motives are interpreted a variety of ways. Others doubt the circumstances surrounding the reported assault.

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