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Heard of Musicians Josh Netsky and Stoney?

Not since I first found Seawolf years back when they first hit Myspace was I this inspired to play an artist's music over and over and over again.  As annoying as Myspace can be with it's overload of marketing information, I have to say that I've found some excellent artists there. A bulletin somehow caught my eye, and I was led to Josh Netsky's artist page.

What a relief! Totally fresh and new! I was bathing in rainbows. Something fresh and new and equally important- Fun! And when I like an artist I have to see who is on their top 8.

That's where I found Stoney...  Catchy, edgy, and also really fun. Another relief. Another dose of inspiration. It would be a shame for me not to share this with you.

Take a gamble and listen. 

For more info: Click on the links above or visit -

Josh Netsky's  links:



Stoney's links:




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