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Healthy vending machine tips

Notice the easy to pronounce ingrediants!
GOOD Notice the easy to pronounce ingrediants!

It happens: you’re at work, your stomach starts churning, and there’s a little jingle in your pocket. Suddenly, you are 2 seconds away from punching E1 for a candy bar. But, before you do that, stop and make a healthy choice (at least!)

Choose Sensibly

Try to choose a snack from the machine with  healthy fats and the least amount preservatives (hard to do since anything in a machine is made to have a long shelf life).  Also, go for something that will fill you up for a while. Foods with high carbohydrates and sugar (aka: eye candy calling your name in a vending machine) are good for a quick pick me up but, we do not want the sugar crash side effect. Hit your sweet tooth with a low calorie granola bar like those by Nature's Valley made with whole grain carbs and fiber (some bars have peanuts/almonds to give you added protien!). If you are wanting something salty pick Frito corn chips which have very basic ingredients: corn, corn oil and salt, are additive free, gluten free, MSG free, and have 0 Trans Fat!  Do not waste a dime on damaging, unhealthy trans fatty Austin crackers.

If all else fails and you just can not seem to decide, assess your body cues on exactly how hungry you might be.  Kick mindless eating to the curb and buy a gum pack.  Or flex your will power muscles and opt for eating half a candy bar.  That is how you can use your jingle of change without adding a jiggle to your frame.

Check out the slideshow below for the skinny on vending machine snacks!

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  • mo 5 years ago

    Thanks for the great tips! I know what I like and I like FRITO'S!!!
    love that jingle!

  • Concerned Consumer 5 years ago

    Fresh & Healthy vending. How could you promote a "healthier snack concept", when you have a machine in the picture filled with Skittles & Sour Patch Kids & other junk items. Conflict of interest. Yo Natural employees

  • Jayia 5 years ago

    Hi Concerned Consumer, I am in no way trying to promote sour patch kids and skittles as you can read by by tips I've provided in this article. The picture of the Fresh and Healthy vending machine mainly points out the irony of a machines telling us to "choose sensibly" and then providing crap to eat. Backhandedly trying to get our money while putting on the 'we tried to warn you' solgans on the machine. WE are the one's who have to choose: eat a skittles bag or shop elsewhere!

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