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Healthy vending hits Kansas City

Kansas City now has a healthy vending option
Kansas City now has a healthy vending option
Erik Borger; owner/operator

Tired of being somewhere hungry but then look around only to realize you're surrounded by nothing but junk food? Well, Kansas City, there's now a solution for that, and it's called Originally Organic Vending.

Originally Organic Vending is a small health food vending company serving the Kansas City area. According to owner/operator, Erik Borger, their goal is to provide children as well as adults with products which will improve their health instead of harm it.

They work with the leading health food companies to bring consumers products that are as natural, chemical free, trans fat free, and pesticide free as possible carrying products from Robert's Gourmet, Back to Nature, Kashi, Brother's all Natural, Hansen's and many more. The price of the products range anywhere from 75 cents up to $2.00 with the average product at $1.00.

Originally Organic Vending was established by Erik Borger, who is a certified personal trainer and retains a four year Health & Exercise Science degree. He is currently working on his masters in the same field. Erik is a state level bodybuilder and has held positions in every fitness setting imaginable and his hope is to begin changing America’s obesity problem.

Having struggled with obesity from early childhood to his teens, Erik remembers his days in school when he would raid the vending machines multiple times a day taking in over 1,000 calories with no beneficial nutritional output. This, among many other bad eating habits, found Erik at almost 300lbs at the age of 20 and something had to be done. His weight battle was finally won, and the more he studied the more he learned, developing healthy eating habits that would last a lifetime.

Erik’s hope in Originally Organic Vending is to take that knowledge and pass it onto society. Though it may only be a very small part in the fight against obesity as a whole, it is an important one; one that will change lives for the positive.

-Current locations: Original Organic Vending machines are currently found in St Teresa's Academy, Whitfield Academy, St Thomas More, Pepsi Ice Midweset, and various KC area YMCAs

-For more information: please contact Erik Borger at or (816)-244-5460. (Website in progress).


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