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Healthy Valentine's Day Ideas to Keep the New Year's Resolutions

The Red Bar at Izakaya Den
The Red Bar at Izakaya Den
Adam Larkey / Izakaya Den

Valentine’s Day has become a hallmark holiday, especially when it falls on a holiday weekend this year. Taking a departure from the said overpriced flowers and sugary teats, turn your sights to Denver offerings that are good for you and good for the soul.

Fresh and healthy never tasted so good
Adam Larkey

Surprise a loved one with dinner on Saturday, when the restaurants are not as busy and the high priced, prix fixe menus have been tucked away. Several favorites are offering a la carte menus and not requiring reservations.

Venture down to the historic old Pearl Street and start the night at both Izakaya Den and Sushi Den Put your name on the list to sit at Sushi Den’s iconic sushi bar and stroll over to Izakaya Den for sake at its beautiful red bar on the lower level. The sake selection at both restaurants is extensive and one of the best in the country. Once your table or seat at the bar is open, move on over and enjoy the freshest fish in Denver. End your night at Session Kitchen for a Spumoni Float and a glass of Tawny Port. If you like bubbles, check out the bar's "Bubbles on Tap", a rare find in Denver.

Keep the “good for the soul” mantra all weekend by enjoying Sunday Afternoon Meltdown at Pura Vida, Sunday at 2 pm. An hour session of yoga and a 30 minute meditation are held on the 4th floor in the club’s heated yoga room and Ethos wellness hub. The session is finished off with a Birch Elixir, a signature line of herbal remedies from Birch Foster, a leader in the holistic health industry. Favorites include Vital Thrive with elderberry and ginger that are high in antioxidants and boost immunity.

Take advantage of Pura Vida’s luxurious changing rooms to shower and get pretty for a date night at the movies at Cherry Creek Mall. It’s just a few weeks before Oscar season and the best films of the year are in the theaters. "The Monuments Men", a true story, is an action drama set in World War II , with an American task force going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from the Nazi regime and returning them to their rightful owners. With an all-star cast, the film is up for numerous awards.

Round out the weekend with a healthy dinner at True Food Kitchen The expansive menu offers much more than vegan or vegetarian options. Carnivores will love the Street Tacos with grass fed beef, the Turkey Lasagna with spinach and ricotta, or the Roasted Chicken. Interesting vegetarian dishes, fresh juices and healthy cocktails offer choices for everyone.

Cheers to keeping the new year’s resolutions in place during the weekend of love!

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