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Healthy tips and effective ways to curb and beat those sugar cravings

Sugar provides some energy and can give you a boost in the afternoon but excessive consumption of sugar is not healthy at all. Those quick sugar fixes such as a candy bar will aid in providing the boost your energy level needs and provide your brain with the amswer when it realizes your sugar levels are low but it never lasts for very long.

How to control sugar cravings - healthy and safely!

If you concentrate on how much sugar you consume and keep it low and steady your whole system will level out and the cravings will become fewer and fewer as time goes on.

Curbing sugar may not be easy but it is a healthy way to fight cravings and stick to a healthy diet without the spikes in your blood sugar levels going bananas on you.

A sugar craving is actually a sign of an imbalance!

Tips to try to beat the need for sugar:

  • The first and hardest way is to do a sugar fast for three days. This will alter your system with a mini withdrawal and is worth it if your do currently consume large quantities of sugar. Be aware that doing this can be the cause of the onset of a headache that will also pass as your body adjusts to the lower level of sugar.
  • Divide large meals into smaller one throughout the day. This will give your body pause when it thinks it needs a little boost. Then eat the next small meal or snack on a piece of fruit, raw vegetables or a small handful of nuts to stop the urge for reaching for something sugary.
  • Fruits by themselves such as pineapple, pears, apples, watermelon and berries are naturally sweet and provide natural sugars. They will fill you up, not pile on the calories and keep the sweets on the shelf or in the drawer so you won’t feel the need to reach for them.
  • Eat more foods that contain chromium. This trace element can stabilize blood sugar levels and is an essential nutrient that is good for you. Chromium can be found in foods such as whole grains, shell fish, peanut butter and baked beans.
  • Light is a factor to consider too. If you eat in a room that is fully lit you tend to eat less than in a dim or darkened area and feel just as full.
  • Avoid distractions when you are eating too. The television should be off when dining. The concentration and focus on the set confuses your mind and may make you consume more than you planned on eating in the first place. Plus, when watching television there is more of a need to snack so watch after your meals, not during and you can resist the want of something more if you are full. Of course you can feel like a snack later in the evening so stick to diced fruits or chopped veggies and you will fill that void and add natural sugars into your system instead of refined sugars, candies or typical chips to munch on.

Balance your diet and keep sugar cravings at bay whenever possible!

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