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Healthy Surprise: Review

Healthy Surprise
Healthy Surprise
Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise is a subscription box service featuring, you guessed it. All healthy snacks. Prices per month range from $40.00 to 95.00, depending upon the number of people you expect to be sharing your box with. Shipping is free.

Healthy Surprise also has a chocolate box now. So, that's some definite good times. It costs $100.00 per month, with no shipping cost. The box comes with 16+ full size chocolate items

For the month of April, we received the following;

  1. $25.00 Gift Certificate for Healthy Surprise
  2. Apple Cherry Just Fruit Bar
  3. Buddy Fruits Mango, Passion & Banana
  4. Freshly Wild Kale Joy
  5. Hail Merry Blonde Macaroons
  6. Hail Merry Grawnola
  7. Righteously Raw Divine Mint
  8. Righteously Raw Pure Dark
  9. Righteously Raw Synergy Spice
  10. Snapz Premium Grilled Zucchini Crunch
  11. Snapz Premium Pineapple Crunch
  12. The Daily Crave Veggie Chips
  13. Wonderfully Raw Snip Chips

This is an outstanding box for the money! Healthy Surprise does what they say they will do. They introduce you to a host of healthy snacks and as many healthy snacks as we have seen lately, we haven't seen any of these.

Well done Healthy Surprise.

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