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Healthy summer skincare regimens

Ladies and gentlemen make sure that you are taking extra special care of your skin this summer. The sun is hot and will only become hotter as this season progresses. The most logical approach would obviously be to wear the required amount of sunscreen for your complexion, however, that is only half of what is necessary.

cleansers can be found at your local drug stores
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Having a skincare regimen in place for morning and night is essential for the healthiest, most radiant skin. Depending on your skin type, whether it is dry, oily, or combination, you should have a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (containing sunscreen if possible) that is optimal or ideal for you. If you are unsure of you skin type, consult an esthetician, makeup artist, cosmetologist, or dermatologist so that you may start to take proper precaution to have the healthiest skin for you.

Some people may also experience "peeling" of skin on the most notably on the nose but may be seen in any area of the face. With or without peeling, it is feasible to exfoliate the face once a week. If experiencing peeling or shedding of facial skin cells, twice weekly exfoliating is what should be done. The steps are as follows for general skin care: cleanse, tone, moisturize, am and pm everyday. If experiencing peeling, follow these steps: cleanse, tone, moisturize (containing sunscreen) in the am; in the pm, cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize .

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about all things barbering and cosmetology. As a licensed barber, cosmetologist, and cosmetology instructor, I will give you the best advice for you.

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