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Healthy Snacks for Travelers on the Go #2

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Turkey Real Stick

Here's another selection of snacks for those looking for a healthier option when traveling than accessing vending machines and fast food.

Gold Emblem Abound Snacks
CVS pharmacy is now selling this line over 40 snack items including snack bars, trail mixes, rice chips, dried fruit, and popcorn free from artificial flavors or preservatives. In addition, some products are gluten free certified, sodium free, cholesterol free and contain sources of protein, fiber, omega-3s, probiotic cultures and potassium, as well as healthy ingredients like superfood chia and superfood baobab. As these items are priced from $2.19 to $10.99, one can purchase snacks with health benefits at an affordable price.

Awesome Bars
These vegan handcrafted granola bars are high in protein and fiber and use all natural ingredients - no GMO products, no preservatives and no powders. They have a nice gooey taste back inside a bar firm enough not to melt when packed inside a backpack all day long. Choose from Blueberry Almond, Coconut Pecan, Cherry Almond, Salty Peanut, and Cranberry Trail Mix (wheat free) and Apricot Walnut (chocolate & wheat free).

New Turkey RealSticks™
For a gluten-free natural energy snack, pick up these snacks made from all-natural humanly raised turkey. These single serve one ounce sticks have just 70 calories per stick and 0-2 carbs. Unlike many other meat snacks, these snacks do not contain any artificial additives of any kind. Choose from three flavors Turkey Ancho, Turkey, Honey Mustard and Turkey Uncured Pepperoni depending on one's taste preference.

Popcorn, Indiana FIT popcorn
This popcorn has the taste and crunch popcorn lovers crave but with 37 calories and up and zero trans fat. I particular check out their caramel popcorn or sea salt popcorn for a sweet and salty combo.

Happy Squeeze
These squeeze pouches look like kiddie creations but they have a fruity taste that's not too sugary so it will appeal to adults as well. Each pouch has about 1/2 cup of fruit with many bottles adding nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, coconut milk and the Salba® the SUPER chia. Also their Happy Squeeze Greek Yogurt is a creamy and nutritious treat with added fruit. As these pouches don't have to be refrigerator, they're perfect

Late July Multigrain Tortilla Chips
These USDA certified organic chips are made with a variety of seeds and whole grains like quinoa, chia, flax, millet, amaranth and brown rice. Choose from classic tastes like SeaSalt or a tasty SubLime. Because these chips are Kosher, vegan, gluten free and nut-free, they can be easily shared with others during one's travels.

Raw Crunch® Bars
Those looking for a sweet chocolate snack without the fat found in a candy bar should check out Raw Crunch® chocolate bars. These gluten-free and dairy free bars provide a nutritious and sweet snack that can help maintain one's energy and blood sugar levels. Contained within these bars one finds a range organic seeds, nuds, raw honey, Celtic, Organic Dark Chocolate, and Sea Salt.

Crunchmaster Crackers
These gluten free crackers have a crunchy bite so they won't apart like potato chips and other similar snack foods. They come in 4.5 ounce resealable bags thus making them very easy to transport en route. Choose from Multi-Grain Crackers in Sea Salt, Roasted Vegetable and White Cheddar flavors or Multi-Seed Crackers in Original, Rosemary & Olive Oil, and Roasted Garlic. Eat these crackers out of the bag or pair them with meats, cheese and other spreads.

The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bar
These gluten-free vegan bars made with whole roasted chickpeas instead of nuts are perfect for those who need a quick pick-me-up. In addition to chickpeas, the Chocolate Berry bar contains a tangy mix of blueberries, cherries, and cranberries along with chunks of Fair Trade dark chocolate for a high fiber snack that's a good source of protein with a lot less fat than many fruit & nut bars. Other bar flavors include apricot coconut or fruit & seeds trail mix

Here's a roundup of other healthy snacks for travelers on the go and some suggestions for additional travel bars.

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