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Healthy Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

Delicious Chicken Wings Made At Home
Delicious Chicken Wings Made At Home
National Chicken Council

The Super Bowl is another opportunity to gather with family and good friends to watch two teams fight for the championship. It's also, however, a party that tends to be full of temptations that are high in calories and fat.

"Much of the food served at a Super Bowl party is also bad for your teeth," said Dr. Lance Bailey, Prescott dentist. "Even swapping out some of these snack for healthier options, and brushing your teeth after eating them, can help protect your teeth from decay."

Don't fall victim to temptation! Protect your health and teeth by bringing a few of your lighter recipes for the Super Bowl party!

Shrimp: A Leaner Meat

Shrimp is an excellent and popular snack for Super Bowl Sunday. While many enjoy it deep fried, opt instead for a shrimp ring where it's ready-to-eat with a generous side of cocktail sauce. Or for an extra special treat, consider wrapping raw shrimp in small pieces of bacon. Secure them with toothpicks and bake or broil. They will be gone in a flash!

Different Dips for Your Chips

Dips that are full of cheese and sour cream pose a dangerous problem to those who are trying to stay healthy during the big game. Try hummus, guacamole, and salsa instead, and consider dipping crunchy vegetables like carrots to consume less calories.

The Lighter Side of Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are traditionally deep fried when you eat them in a restaurant, then covered with calorie-laden sauce. Delicious, yes, but terrible for your health.

However, Snack Girl has an excellent way to make lighter Buffalo Chicken wings in the comfort of your own home. These are so easy to make and are a treat when watching the Super Bowl.

Don't Forget the Pizza

A tantalizing combination of bread, sauce and cheese, pizza is the ultimate in temptation. Lighten up your pizza by loading it with a variety of vegetables and cutting the amount of cheese. Another option is to opt for thinner crust to cut some of the calories.

Take control of your fun at this year's Super Bowl party with these ideas to lighten up your snacks during the big game!

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