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Healthy Snacks For On The Go


Dried apricots and cranberries in the bulk section of Henry's Farmer's Market. 

Grabbing a snack and grabbing a healthy snack aren't always the same thing. 

So, before you hit that vending machine here are some ideas that are better for you, and where to buy them, so you can stack your arsenal in preparation for the next time a snack attack arrives.

  Henry's Farmers Market

Cheddar Bunnies Snack Packs: Perfect for on the go or at your desk. With no cholesterol, no sugar added, non-GMO cheese, low saturated fat and 0g trans fat these little bunnies made with organic wheat flour are a healthy snack you can feel less guilty about and since they come in individual 1oz packages you have built in portion control!

Bunny Grahams: A delicious treat with 8 grams of whole grains per serving.  You can snack on your 1oz package and feel good about the calcium it has and the trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol it doesn't.

Bunny Grahams Friends: Annie's has taken their wonderful bunny grahams and given them some friends. Each 1oz package contains a variety of honey, chocolate and chocolate chip bunnies to dazzle your taste buds as you take in all those whole grains.

Clif Kid Twisted Fruit: Here's a fruit you can really sink your teeth into.  They're not just for kids and each piece packs a whole serving of fruit!  In flavors like strawberry, grape, mixed berry, pineapple, sour apple and tropical twist you can have the variety you want and get the servings of fruit you need.

Clif C: This yummy bar is a blend of fruit, nuts and just a bit of sea salt to bring out the flavor. With an entire serving of fruit in each bar you can feel good about reaching for one of these when your tummy starts to growl. They come in apple, blueberry, cherry pomegranate and raspberry.

Bulk Mix N Match: With an extensive selection of dried fruits and nuts you can mix and match to make your own healthy snack mixes or choose from any number of creations Henry's has already created for your consumption.

Trader Joe's

Check out the lists section of their website for an extensive look at their offerings for Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher, Low Sodium diets and more!

Fruit Bars: Organic Fruit Bars that come in four delicious flavors: strawberry, apple, blueberry and fig.

Trail Mix: Ready to eat or make your own with their extensive selection of dried fruit and nuts, including half a dozen selections with 50% less salt! If that doesn't whet your appetite, how bout everything from dried banana chips to black mission figs and cinnamon almonds. Yum!


 Two Moms in the Raw: A new addition to the Starbucks locations here in Burbank, Two Moms in the Raw provides a completely raw, organic and vegan granola bar that is homemade and all the good stuff a snack needs to be without any added oils and no refined sugar.

Fresh fruit: Who knew you could get a fruit and cheese plate at Starbucks? Or a fresh ripe banana to give you a potassium boost to your morning!

Protein Plate: Cheddar cheese, fresh fruit, a hard boiled (cage-free) egg, a whole wheat bagel and natural peanut butter spread make for a great snack sure to kick your brain back into gear in the middle of the afternoon.

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Happy Healthy Snacking!

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