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Healthy Snacks

Are you looking for a quick snack and want to try some healthy alternatives to chips, candy bars, and soda? Well here are some snacks that will do not have the sodium content, sugar, corn syrup, or salt that will drag you down...

  1. Almonds

  2. Blueberries

  3. Raspberries

  4. Bananas

  5. Dried fruit

  6. Orange Juice (not from conentration)

Almonds are great. They help provide your immune system with a boost, but never consume more than a handful. Blueberries and raspberries have antioxidants which will also give you more energy, and they are great tasting with their natural sugars. Bananas and dried fruit are great after a workout, or on a break from work, and will not add those bad calories chips would. And instead of soda, try orange juice not from concentrate. This ensures you are drinking nothing but the juice, and tastes great too! By switching this small part of your diet will also shed off some of that unwanted fat from certain places...


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