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After sleeping for around eight hours your body will be craving all kinds of nutrients. It can seem like a simple option to grab something from the cupboard or a fast food joint to eat on the go, but you could soon notice that you are piling on the pounds. You should not skip breakfast, but should choose one that is nutritious and low in calories. There are many options you have to choose from.

Eggs All the Way

Eggs are a popular breakfast choice for people of all age groups. They may have had a bad reputation years ago, but new research has found the previous information to be unfounded and is now saying that they have many properties that are good for you.

Eggs are easy to prepare, anyone can do it and although they contain fat they contain the healthy kind that your body needs. They contain around 78 calories boiled, 80 scrambled, 92 fried and 74 pouched. They can fill you up for a lot longer than other breakfast choices. The best options are organic eggs because they usually have higher levels of Omega 3.

A Healthier Butter

Rather than using a regular butter why not switch to a nut butter instead. They have unsaturated fat and a low sugar content which helps keeps the level of blood sugars regulated. You can add them to your cereal or spread them on toast. Even if you don’t buy the big name brands you can still get the great taste and nutrition from one that is a store own label.

Try Quinoa

Swap your oatmeal for quinoa. It keeps you filled up and is full of fiber and protein that are both essential in controlling weight. You can add fresh fruit or nuts to the top of it for extra flavor. You can buy it at most bigger food stores.

Swap Cow’s Milk for Almond Milk

You can save calories on the milk you drink by swapping cows produce for almond. You can use it in the same way but it has only 35 calories in comparison to the 90 that even the skimmed milk from cows contains. Almond milk, when bought plain does not have added sugar and has lots of great vitamins such as vitamin D and calcium for strong teeth and bones. You can pour it on your cereal, drink it alone or use it in your morning tea or coffee.

Chia Seeds

Chai seeds can be used in a variety of ways such as an oatmeal or yogurt topping or even as a smoothie ingredient. They are known for their filling properties, lowering blood pressure and the Omega 3 acids they contain that when combined with exercise can reduce the amount of abdominal fat you have.


Blueberries provide you with a natural sweetness yet are still lower in sugar than many other fruits. They have high fiber content and can help to burn fat and keep reduce the amount of active fat cells in the body. When tested on mice the results show a staggering decrease of 73% in fat cell production. This method has not been tested on human beings yet, but as a great healthy fruit why not give it a go anyway.

Switch to Rye Bread

If you have toast or a health sandwich for breakfast switch you regular bread for one that has been made with rye. It has been shown to keep you full for longer than its counterpart even though the calorific value is the same. It is higher in fiber than many other grains which explain the long lasting fullness.

So as you can see, the most important meal of the day is actually easy to make and keep nutritious.

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