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Healthy selections for snacks game time, Olympics and more

Rutherford, NJ Super Bowl XLVIII
Rutherford, NJ Super Bowl XLVIII
Photo by Darren McCollester Getty Images

There is popcorn out there with simple ingredients, not altered with preservatives such as the “Skinny Popcorn”.

The “Kettle Chip” makes a clean chip with good, healthy and basic ingredients.

There are classic pretzels by “Snyder’s” that are also great in selection for keeping with simple and natural.

There is the bean dip where the recipe can be eaten without all the extra additives.

Chips and avocado, cilantro or salsa can be layered into a dish and made in the natural form to eat.

Lean meat of choice that can be grilled or stir-fried with vegetables.

Many of the stores and food markets in El Paso, TX offer the food selection mentioned as well as the simple basic ingredients to add to snacks to enjoy during game time, Olympics and more.

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