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Healthy Relationships: Remember to spend time together

Spend time away together
Spend time away together

One of the most overlooked but simple ways to keep your relationship healthy and happy: spend time together.

It’s always important to remember to spend some time with your girlfriend or wife apart from your normal routine or activities. It can be so easy to fall into the same old routine or get too busy with work and forget about making a point to do something special with your girl, just the two of you, away from the house and your daily lives.

Living in New Jersey brings the benefit of always having something nearby to do. Go to New York or Philly for the day, and we even have the whole state of New Jersey to find something you will love doing together. Two upcoming New Jersey events are listed below, but if those dates have passed, you can visit the third website listed for an always-updated list of LGBT events and activities.

Don’t stop spending time away together – even if “away” is ten minutes down the road.

BlueClaws LGBT Night - Qspot, the Jersey Shore LGBT Community Center, is hosting an LGBT Night BlueClaws game on August 15, 2014. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door, if there are any left. This is a fun, inexpensive, local, relaxing way to spend a little time together. You can visit their Meetup event page for tickets and more info about the event.

Six Flags Gay Day - If you're looking for a more exclusive, high-energy, party-like event, Fairgrounds: Out At Night is the place for you. The event is on September 6, 2014. Your ticket purchase grants you early admission into the park, and at 8pm the park closes to the general public and opens for the event. You can visit their website for more details and ticket information.

NJ Gay Life - Go to the left column under 'What's Going On' to see upcoming events and meetings. At the bottom of the calendar are two links to view the whole month or view a list of events.

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