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Healthy recipe: Chocolate banana smoothie tastes like ice cream

chocolate banana smoothie
chocolate banana smoothie
Sherry Smith-Noble

Healthy and chocolate are many times used together in the same sentence, but “low calorie” and “low fat” are never used in the same sentence with “delicious”. Now you can put all those words together and they describe a delicious smoothie that you can drink without any of the guilt. This delicious, frothy shake will become a go-to fix when you need something sweet – and you can do it without feeling like you’ve strayed from a healthy food plan!

Almond milk is one of the ingredients of this delightful recipe. Many people still aren’t aware of the benefits of this delicious drink made from ground almonds, water, sweetener (such as honey, agave, sugar, syrup, etc.), and flavoring. Almond milk can be purchased from most any store and has a long shelf life or you can make it yourself in a blender. Free from lactose or any animal products, it’s perfect for vegetarians or for those with lactose intolerance. (For this recipe, you will need the “sweetened” milk – make sure you don’t purchase “unsweetened” by mistake!)

Another main ingredient of the shake is frozen bananas. Peel three bananas, put them in a plastic bag and keep them in your freezer for several hours or all night. If you make this shake often, keep frozen bananas in your freezer at all times so they’re ready whenever you get the urge to live a little!

Healthy Chocolate Shake Recipe

Ingredients for a Healthy Chocolate Shake (2 shakes):

  • 2 cups Sweetened Chocolate Almond Milk
  • 2 heaping tsp. malted milk powder (optional)
  • 3 frozen bananas
  • 1/8 tsp. extract -- coconut, orange, or vanilla are all good (optional)

Directions for making a Healthy Chocolate Shake:

In the container of a blender, put in the Chocolate Almond Milk, the malted milk powder (if using), and the frozen bananas. Add the extract if you choose to use some. Blend until smooth – pour into a glass and enjoy! (If you have any left, store it in the freezer to eat later with a spoon or blend it again for a drink.)

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