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Healthy Minds and Body Awareness Series: Pink Slime in Grocery Store Ground Beef

Spotlight on the 'meat product' called Pink Slime being allowed in ground beef without required labeling on packaging.

Reportedly (in Mar 2012) 70 percent of ground beef sold in U.S. supermarkets contains Pink Slime
(CC-PD-Mark, Ground beef, PD US Government) Public Domain

"A much-maligned beef product that was once frequently added to hamburger is making a comeback. Two years ago, beef processors cut back sharply on producing what they call "lean, finely textured beef" after the nasty nickname for it, "pink slime," caught on in the media. Now, higher beef prices are leading to increased demand for the product." -

Did you know that Pink Slime is approved by the FDA to be mixed in with store bought ground beef? An abc News article, with a featured video, entitled, "70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’" was published in 2012. This report led to the closing of several of the Pink Slime Plants and the reduction of consumers purchasing products said to contain Pink slime.

What is Pink Slime and is it safe for humans consumption?

"“Pink slime” is beef trimmings. Once only used in dog food and cooking oil, the trimmings are now sprayed with ammonia so they are safe to eat and added to most ground beef as a cheaper filler." - read more at

Wikipedia explains, "In 2001, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the product for limited human consumption, and it was used as a food additive to ground beef and beef-based processed meats as a filler, at a ratio of usually no more than 25 percent of any product. The production process uses heat in centrifuges to separate the fat from the meat in beef trimmings.[11] The resulting product is exposed to ammonia gas or citric acid to kill bacteria.[11][12]" -

Wouldn't it be refreshing if the citizens of the United States had some say as to if they wanted to eat garbage? It seems our choices are grocery products treated or containing undesirable chemicals, pink slime and GMO food products made up in laboratories.

"In 2012 an article by Huffington Post states the following;

"ABC World News" report from Jim Avila, 70% of ground beef sold in supermarkets contains the ammonia-treated sludge, which is the the product of a method for salvaging meat scraps from otherwise unusable parts of a carcass.

Avila was tipped off to the startling figure by a whistleblower at the USDA -- who says he has quit his job out of disgust with the product." - read more

The caption under the featured Youtube Video is as follows;

"Uploaded on Apr 12, 2011

On the Season Premiere of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution filmed in Los Angeles and aired on April 12, 2011, Jamie demonstrates how 70% of America's ground beef contains leftover cow parts (a.k.a. "pink slime") containing e.coli and salmonella that has been treated with ammonia. Ammonia treated meat can be found in virtually all conventional grocery stores, fast food restaurants, many national restaurant chains, and school cafeterias. The saddest part is that the USDA allows this ammonia treated meat to enter the marketplace and with no labeling requirement on the packaging to inform the consumer that the meat their about to buy contains ammonia, thus hiding the truth and pulling a wool over the consumer's eye. This is certainly a rude awakening to the majority of Americans that don't know where the meat in their fridge, the meat in their conventional local grocery store, the meat in their fast food hamburger, and the meat in their restaurant made hamburger comes from. How do you avoid this poison? Buy beef that has come from grass fed cows, which can be found at natural and organic grocery stores and your local farmers market. No matter the size of your town or city, grass fed beef (real beef) is not out of reach. Unlike ammonia treated beef, grass fed beef is clearly labeled and contains no ammonia."

After the original reports aired back in 2012 several Slime Plants closed but very recently those plants have been reopening. An article by CNN was just published on the subject on August 13, 2014.


The maker of the beef product dubbed "pink slime" by critics is reopening a plant that it shut in the face of bad publicity two years ago." -

"A defamation suit brought by Beef Products against ABC is still working its way through the courts. The company said its sales fell by 80% in the weeks after the network's reports about the product. Some major buyers, such as McDonald's (MCD) and the grocery chain Safeway (SWY) told ABC they would stop buying the product to mix with its ground beef." - read more at

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