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Healthy members cost less

Health insurance costs
Health insurance costs
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Many insurance companies are now engaged in creating ways to keep patient costs at a minimum. Healthy patients cost insurance companies less money, and for that reason, many insurance carriers are now big promoters of the healthy lifestyle.

Health Alliance Plan, (HAP) has a program that encourages their customers to be healthy by offering them lower out of pocket costs in return for full engagement in a healthy lifestyle. This program is called the Health Engagement Program and is primarily based on the member following a lifestyle plan approved by their primary care physician. To get more information about the Heath Engagement Program, visit HAP’s website at

Blue Care Network of Michigan also offers incentives for members who are dedicated to being in good health. Their program is called Healthy Blue Living, and like HAP’s Health Engagement Program, members are required to fill out a qualification form and are rated according to their responses. The qualification form points to specific health issues including smoking, hypertension and body mass index (BMI). The program is also based heavily on participation between the member and the primary care physician. For more information in Blue Healthy Living, visit

Health insurance costs are on the rise, and it has become the responsibility of the member to find ways to keep their out of pocket costs down. Contact your health insurance carrier to inquire about discounts and incentives for healthy members. Also, check with your employer for such discounts.

If you have questions about your health insurance coverage, or would like to know more about insurance carriers who offer lifestyle incentives, send an email to


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