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Healthy male giraffe put down by Copenhagen Zoo despite public protests

Main entrance of Copenhagen Zoo.

It is bad enough when a zoo is forced to euthanize one of its animals because they are old and/or sick, such as in the case of Greater the flamingo at the Adelaide Zoo (see

However, the move by the Copenhagen Zoo in killing a healthy 2-year old giraffe simply because they wanted to “prevent inbreeding” among its herd is being viewed as downright criminal by animal advocates around the world, who had signed petitions as well as offered money to spare him.

The giraffe, known as Marius was shot with a pistol yesterday, then fed to the Zoo’s lions as visitors (including children) watched.

“I am actually proud because we have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe they would not have had from watching one in a photo,” stated Zoo spokesman Tobias Stenaek Bro, who added that the one of the reasons they Copenhagen animal park turned down offers, including $680,000 from a private individual, to buy the giraffe was because “under European Association of Zoos and Aquaria membership zoos do not own the animals, but govern them, and therefore cannot sell them to anyone outside the organization.”

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