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Healthy lunches make happy kids

Back-to-school time brings the challenge of providing healthy lunch choices, either in a lunch brought from home or choosing to eat lunch that is provided and purchased at school. Schools around the country are challenged in providing healthy food for lunch that the children will actually eat. Some schools have actually abandoned changes in menus that are healthy because the children will not eat the choices that they are given.

School lunches are changing- Michelle Obama visits an elementary school to talk about the new USDA standards for school lunches.
School lunches are changing- Michelle Obama visits an elementary school to talk about the new USDA standards for school lunches.
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Healthy is great
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The Imagine School in Sarasota has a new lunch provider with the implementation of SLA Management as its vendor for the lunch program. The lunch program is no longer provided by Sarasota County School District. The school is excited to be able to provide hot, healthy lunches onsite now with the change to SLA Management as its lunch vendor. Lunches are now cooked onsite instead of being delivered to the students. Students must have a lunch account in place. Parents may log on to to complete an account for their student. Parents must have their child's school ID available to complete the application for a lunch account. Free and reduced lunches are available for qualified families.

September is Childhood Obesity Month. Childhood obesity is a topic of concern for many parents. Parents are always looking for creative tools to use with their children in learning to eat healthy. Merilee Kern has created a new app, "Kids Making Healthy Choices", for children and parents to use in planning menus for healthy eating. Tech tools are always popular with children, and this app is always available for immediate use. Children can use this at school along with teachers to learn to choose tasty and health foods from the cafeteria choices. The app also provides fun stories and activity sheets in its e-reader feature to aid children in learning to choose healthy food. Discussion questions, recipes, and additional resource links are bundled into the app. Ms. Kern's app is based on her best-selling children's book "Making Healthy Choices-A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids".

Packing a healthy lunch can be a challenge for picky eaters. Lean meats on whole grain bread are favorite sandwich items. Low-fat peanut butter with low-sugar jam or jelly is a favorite lunch item. A pita roll instead of two slices of bread makes a great choice. Low-sugar juices or water complete a healthy lunch along with your child's favorite fruit or vegetable.

Make back-to-school time this month a time to introduce healthy eating with your child by using new tools that are available to make choosing to eat healthy fun and simple.

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