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Healthy Living: How many GMO Dragon Slayers live in LA?

LA cares about healthy living
LA cares about healthy living
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The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) believes that consumers can be just like those heroic stories of dragon slayers where the hero was able to vanquish the beast by targeting the one vulnerable spot in its armor. IRT says that LA is filled with healthy living advocates who are modern dragon slayers, and their dragon is genetically modified organisms (GMOs). IRT believes that informed consumers can vanquish the GMO dragon if they target its most vulnerable spot in 2011 — consumer rejection.

The non-GMO movement is more fired up in the US than ever before. In 2010 they received an unprecedented level of news coverage, high-profile court victories, thousands more products boasting non-GMO labels, and consumers by the millions started buying newly labeled non-GMO products.

In January of 1999, GM advocates predicted that within just five years they would replace 95% of the world’s commercial seeds with GMOs. But within four months, the tipping point of consumer rejection by Europeans was achieved, and the food companies there committed to stop using GM ingredients.

Although this derailed their timetable, it hasn’t stopped the biotech industry from pursuing their ultimate goal — a takeover of the world’s food supply. As they continue to race to push GMOs into more types of food in the U.S., the non-GMO consumer movement is working to fend off each new attempt, stopping GM rice, wheat, and eggplant; creating GM-free zones; winning court cases against GM alfalfa and sugar beets; kicking out GM bovine growth hormone from most dairies; and much more.

IRT says consumer choice in the U.S. is at a critical crossroads. The biotech industry is pushing hard to re-introduce GM alfalfa, to resuscitate GM sugar beets, and to feed us all GM fish. They are lobbying again to promote GM wheat and rice, and they have hundreds of other GM foods ready and waiting in laboratories. They want to put their plans of replacing nature back on track.

IRT is preparing bold new dragon-slaying actions for 2011, and advises those that care about healthy living to invest in a non-GMO future by buying only non-GMO products (organic is always non-GMO if in doubt). They urge the entertainment industry to speak out. And, they want everyone to write to their representatives about GMOs. They say consumers' leverage is simply enormous -- if they use it.

Disclaimer: NJ Jaeger writes for many food safety and non-GMO related causes


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