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Healthy Jack-O-Lanterns!


The plethora of harvested food items are in abundance during this season, and October seems to be the best month of the year to reap the benefits.  Everyone knows that apples are in season now, but there's also another fruit  found everywhere this time of year that has some serious health properties... pumpkins!The big, orange fruit famous for funky jack-o-lantern faces is popular this month. People love carving, painting, and decorating with the fruit, but unfortunately the inside gets thrown away as a by-product of a craft.  Next time you buy a pumpkin, keep the part you normally would throw away because...

Pumpkin seeds are full of nutrients such as: zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, tryptophan, iron, and copper. 

Prostate health is also pronounced due to Omega 3-fatty acids, and carotenoids that can prevent unruly multiplication of cells that lead to enlarged glands and cancerous formations.

Arthritis and osteoporosis can be alleviated by bone-density boosting zinc, and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Cholesterol levels and immune response can also benefit from phytosterols found in pumpkin seeds.

Of course, seeds are not the only way to go.  The fruit itself is also full of health-boosting properties and very tasty, too.