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Healthy hair for seniors

There are ways to keep hair healthy into senior life. It is all in the approach. Treating hair in ways that lend to its health in old age is similar to what is advised in younger adult health as well.

Washing less frequently is advised to keep natural oils in and to avoid drying. Use a strengthening shampoo periodically.

Also use a conditioner for the best of hair healthy

Get hair cut by a professional in a natural hair style, one that becomes your face and hair. Then get your hair trimmed at frequent intervals. There are plenty of attractive styles to choose from, and one of these will look good on you.

Use a strengthening shampoo especially as hair begins to thin. Hair is not really thickened, but the use of a strengthening shampoo gives the hair a look of fullness and body.

When going out in the sun use a hat.

When hair is subjected to chlorine as in swimming, rinse with cold water and shampoo frequently.

Further tips include the following:

1. Use a gentle shampoo. It is probably good at different times, to use an exfoliating shampoo as this removes dead cells and unclogs pores in the hair. Also massaging the scalp each time it is washed is a healthy practice.

2. Avoid wearing pony tales and tight buns as this pulls on the hair.

3. Be careful when using hair dryers to keep on a low temperature setting. Also when other equipment is used, make sure that the temperature is not too hot. Simply use a cooler setting.

4. Shampoo with warm not hot water.

5. Color is okay. Grey hair is difficult to color but it is doable.

6. Get a good haircut at intervals from a professional.

7. Get healthy, get enough sleep, eat right especially fruits and veggies, and exercise regularly.

8. Use a conditioner to add moisture to hair. It also helps avoid aging the hair.

For men, get a regular trim. And like women counterparts, eat right, get ample sleep and exercise.

My own hair became blonde in senior life. I must be careful to wash it with a gentle shampoo to avoid its yellowing. It also has been thinning in recent years and I find it works best to have a shorter do. I also use a strengthening shampoo on it. It also requires regular trims. When I eat healthy, eat more fruits and veggies particularly, not only do my nails look healthier but my hair as well.

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