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Healthy gadgets to start the new year right

The new year brings in all those typical resolutions such as setting goals for weight loss and better fitness. If having a little technology helps to motivate you this year, check out the list of new gadgets available.

fitness at home
R. Terpolilli

Fitbit is a company that offers a unique line-up of products to monitor your health progress in the form of scales, wristbands and activity trackers. The activity trackers monitor your everyday steps and calories and are small enough to be clipped inside your clothes so they can be worn all day. The cost of the "Zip" device is about $59. Another one of their devices, called the "One" even has a sleep tracker that measures your sleep quality at night and tracks your steps during the day. Check the link above to learn more about the company founded in 2007 by James Park and Eric Friedman.

There is also a full list of smart phone apps that are helpful and many of them are free such as "Fitness Buddy" which features over 1700 exercises and 1000 videos. "Daily Workouts" is another app that features 5-10 minute targeted workout videos showing how to do each exercise. And check the video link above for a few ideas on using your home setting to make a convenient work-out environment.

And if you need to keep to a tight budget this year, consider a few fitness essentials that are easy on the wallet. Before you rush out to join a gym membership, think about the tools you can have at home to keep you motivated. Remember it does not cost anything to walk and exercise in your own house.

Balance balls cost about $20

Yoga mats cost about $15

Hand weight set from Total Fitness cost about $38 (for three pairs of dumbbells of 2lb, 3lb and 5 lb)

So make a healthy start to the new year and find the best resources that will fit into your lifestyle.

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