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Healthy foods that aren't, Part I


Some foods are simply destined to have the label of "healthy", such as fruits and veggies (and rightly so). However, there are many other foods stereotyped as so that are actually far from it.

Here's a list of some "healthy" foods that really aren't!

  • Most granola bars

Many granola bars could very well be a Snickers bar, as they have very little fiber, are very processed, and have tons of sugar. Tip: Look for granola bars with around five or less ingredients and no added sugar, or make your own using raw oats, chopped nuts, dried fruit and agave nectar or coconut oil.

  • Supermarket Cereal

Most cereals, though advertised a part of a healthy breakfast actually are loaded with sugar and have very little fiber.  Tip: Choose cereals with fewer than 5 grams of sugar and more than 5 grams of fiber per serving or better yet, skip the cereal and have oatmeal.

  • Diet Pop


 Yes, there's 0 grams of fat, no carbs, no cholesterol, and no calories but there are also zero grams of protein, nutrients, fiber, or anything else benefitting your body. Tip: Your best bet is to stick to zero calorie drinks that aren't artificially sweetened such as unsweetened teas and water.


  • Muffins:

In general, muffins are comprised of ingredients that won't exactly give our bodies the jump start it needs in the morning; sugar and refined flour. Both of these ingredients will spike your blood sugar and cause what you've just eaten to store as fat, not to mention you are probably setting yourself up for a midmorning crash. Tip: Aim for good sources of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats in the morning such as eggs with whole wheat toast and natural peanut butter. This will jumpstart your day, keep you full longer and give you more engery.

  • Caesar Salds and Other Restaurant Salads


Applebee's California shrimp salad clocking in at 1310 calories.

What started out as healthy (lettuce, spinach, romaine, etc), most of the time becomes laiden with fatty dressing, croutons and tons of cheese. Even a side salad before a meal can cost you up to 500 calories or more simply because of the dressing and unneccesary toppings. Tip: Ask for your dressing on the side, try to make it some sort of vinegarette and have it sans croutons or wonton strips.


  • Eric Hoyer 5 years ago

    Thanks for telling it like it is Lesley!

  • Colin Carmichael 5 years ago

    Lesley, I joked to friends today that this looks like one of MY articles. You're preaching to the choir as far as I'm concerned, and I just wish more people would realize the truth behind the marketing of these so-called 'healthy'foods. I'm especially appalled at the marketing of the kids cereals as part of a 'healthy, nutritious' breakfast. These cereals are basically bite-size cookies in a bowl!

    Okay, time to step off the soapbox. :-)

    - Colin

  • scott p barton 5 years ago

    Don't get me started on those diet drinks.People think there not gaining any weight,but are they wrong.I'll have two big mack's,And a diet coke.I have to scratch my head on that one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lesley Borger 5 years ago

    Scott- I never understood that one either! Ha, if you're eating all that, you might as well just go for the real coke!!

    Colin- Haha, you can stay on your soapbox, I agree! It seems like anymore everything is labeled as "natural" or "healthy" when really .... it is not at all! I wish companies couldn't get away with that because people believe them!

    Eric- Anytime ; )