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Healthy Exotic Meats That Benefit The Entire Family

Are you sick of having steak, chicken and fish every night for dinner? Why not spice it up a little and try some exotic meats. Many exotic meats are great for your entire family. Some of them taste very similar to other meats, your children may not even be able to tell the difference.

Alligator- The meat you want to eat on the alligator is the tail meat which is white meat. It tastes very similar to chicken, but a bit saltier. You can deep fry these and turn them into “chicken” tenders for your kids.

Bison- Instead of making beef hamburgers, you can serve your family bison burgers instead. Bison burgers are healthier than beef because they are high in protein and low in cholesterol. You can enjoy a burger without increasing your cholesterol level. Also, a bison burger contains much less calories than a beef burger.

Rabbit- Rabbit is a delicious exotic meat that your entire family can enjoy. Like alligator, rabbit is also very similar to chicken. You can enjoy rabbit and know that it wasn’t injected with artificial growth hormones like most of the chicken at the supermarket is.

Snapping Turtle- In many parts of the world, snapping turtle is considered a delicacy. The meat in the legs, tail and back can all be eaten and enjoyed. Snapping turtle tastes great in a stew mixed with different types of vegetables.

Ostrich- This is a very healthy meat that your family can enjoy because it contains hardly any fat, it has low cholesterol and the taste of this meat is extremely delicious. Many people simply grill this meat over the grill to their liking.

Boar- Boar can be hunted in different parts of the USA. Boar tastes very similar to pork and can be prepared the same way as you would prepare your pork chops. The meat on this animal is much healthier than pork meat, however.

Quail- This is a popular meat for those who hunt. The only downfall of eating quail is that you need quite a few of them to feed an entire family. There isn’t much meat on this animal, but it sure tastes delicious.

All of these meats can be served for your family to enjoy. It is great to expose your kids to different exotic meats that he or she wouldn’t normal eat. There are many heath benefits to eating these exotic meats as well.


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