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Healthy eating with Ancient Olive Trees Olive Oil

Ancient Olive Trees Olive Oli

The benefits of olive oil has been touted for decades for its healthy content of monounsaturated fatty acids or healthy dietary fat. By changing out your regularly used oil with olive oil you not only gain healthy heart benefits but also it can help lower your cholesterol, has anti inflammatory properties, contains vitamin E and beta carotene and overall helps you eat better and live longer. The best kind of olive oil to use is extra virgin olive oil that comes in a bottle that protects its contents from the light (to preserve the chemical compound of olive oil) like Ancient Olive Trees Olive Oil.

Ancient Olive Trees Olive Oil is made with 100% California grown Arbequina and Arbosana olives that are harvested, hand picked, fresh pressed and miller tasted to create a rich tree to table flavor that is obtained by picking olives while they're still green and pressing them within hours of picking. Because of this process you end up with an olive oil that has a fruity and verdant flavor with hints of lime and freshly mowed late summer grass. To ensure that you're getting the most benefit of your olive oil, Ancient Olive Trees Olive Oil is individually dated for guaranteed freshness.

Cooking with olive oil is one way to use it but don't limit yourself to just mixing with vinegar for a salad dressing or drizzling over vegetables. Make aioli with olive oil that can served with stews, potatoes, vegetables and even french fries. Ditch the store bought guacamole for a healthier home version made with olive oil and Persian limes. Even spark up your desserts by adding olive oil to them. You may be surprised at all the interesting pops of flavors you can create. For an easy dessert drizzle some Ancient Olive Trees Olive Oil over vanilla ice cream and add a small sprinkle of sea salt. Because of the fruity nature of the Arbequina and Arbosana olives used you can also add some fruit to your ice cream like strawberries, blueberries or raspberries to compliment the flavor. Or better yet make your own ice cream by clicking here.

With all the different ways you can incorporate olive oil into your diet and even into your skin care regimen don't you think it's time you took advantage of something that is actually good for you and good for your heart for once? To learn more about Ancient Olive Trees Olive Oil visit their site at you can also purchase it for $20 a bottle. To learn more about the benefits of olive oil and why you really should be incorporating it into your menu and lifestyle click here to go to CNN or visit Web MD by clicking here.

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