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Healthy eating is always on time

Loose weight when you dine on time!
Loose weight when you dine on time!

There are tons of theories on when and how often you should eat in order to lose weight. Here's the skinny on your meal plan. Jillian Michaels, Biggest Loser Personal Trainer with over 20 years of experience, believes the most effective way to maximize you weight loss is to eat every four hours, without skipping a single meal or snack. That means your daily diet should consist of three meals and a snack.

Schedule Your Meals
You may feel like a dog perking up at the sound of the dinner bell. But, taking the time out to plan out your daily diet will help in many ways:

  • You get control over what you plan to eat.  No more diet sabotage! You have the upper hand of knowing how many calories you must consume to loose weight, and how to balance each meal to meet that end during the day for long term results.
  • Balance sugar levels- "Timing out meals in this manner will prevent energy crashes and appetite cravings that could throw you off course," explains Jillian. 

Throw This Dog a Healthy Bone!
To help out a little more with your menu planning, here's some advice:
Wait the same the number of calories of a meal until the next meal
That means if you have a 200 cal snack wait 2 hours until next meal.
a 300 cal meal means waiting 3 hours later
100 cal snack 1 hour later until chow time.
For example:

9:00 am- Breakfast 400 cals

1:00pm- Lunch 400 cals

3:00pm- Snack 200 cals

5:00-Dinner 400 cals

= 1400 cal goal calories

Try to schedule a meal plan even if you know your day is going to be hectic-it's like a hypothetical timeline for eating. You control over what you eat; your busy day doesn't control you!

Click here to be directed to a link that will explain why a goal calorie number is essential to loosing weight and how to find your goal number.


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