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Healthy eating and living: Easy tactics to prevent hand to mouth temptations

That hand to mouth action is sometimes hard to resist. Having a few simple little tactics up your sleeve can help prevent those temptations. Sometimes you are hungry, other times it is just your mouth that is hungry or it may just need something to do. These are times when you need to pull your will power together and try something new to help prevent that hand to mouth motion when you eat more than you should or just eat because of boredom and need something to do.

Hand to mouth motion is hard to resist!

Here are some easy ways to postpone those temptations and help prevent adding unnecessary weight gain:

If you are into sweets such as chocolate break apart your candy bar and place only a piece or two in a small snack bag. Then limit yourself to just one snack bag a day. You will still get your chocolate fix but won’t be stuffing the whole candy bar in your mouth or adding extra calories that are hard to lose.

If you have no will power at all don’t purchase snacks, chips, cookies or cakes when you shop. If they aren’t in the house you will be less tempted to grab something when you are bored and can easily resist temptation.

If you are in the mood for a snack eat an apple, an orange or a banana. These are healthy snacks with natural sugars and very little calories. Then again you can skip the snack and take that urge for food and burn it off by taking a short twenty minute walk around the block. You will lose that idea of needing to eat something and get some exercise at the same time.

Turn the television to a funny movie that you enjoy instead of watching those food channel shows. Read a mystery or novel and skip glancing at food magazines or baking catalogs. The further your mind is away from food the less likely you will be tempted to convince yourself you are hungry and in need of something to put in your mouth.

Sometimes brushing your teeth can aid in resisting a non-hunger pang. The sweet minty flavor of toothpaste and the action of the brush can at times delay or stop the yen of wanting something to eat. This is especially true late in the evening when you already have gone through your nighttime routine. The thought of eating and having to brush your teeth twice can be a great deterrent not to snack late at night.

If you dine out with your spouse, a family or friend and are in the mood for dessert but know they serve large portions, eating the whole slice of cake or pie can do you in. Order one dessert that both of you like and share that dessert. You still can satisfy your sweet teeth without over indulging on the after dinner treat.

Resist that hand to mouth temptation!

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