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Healthy, delicious restaurants; a new series about dining and dieting out

One of the most difficult things for anyone who is on a diet is to avoid going too far off the mark for the occasional meal out. It is much easier to ignore healthy restaurant choices if they are not very good, taste and satisfaction wise. Just because a person is on a diet does not mean that they should not be able to dine out. In this series, the emphasis will be on restaurants with many choices for healthy eating. One of the most important criteria, however, is this: the restaurant has to have many good, healthy choices for food and satisfy the taste buds also. If the food you eat on a diet can still be delicious, then it is much easier to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet.

Fatteh is one of the delicious, healthful salads from the 'Jesus as a Foodie Diet'
Edward Simon

Several different types of restaurants will be looked at in this weekly series. Some may be restaurants where the whole point is to have healthy meals, while others may just have a section that emphasizes healthy choices. The choices may include vegan and vegetarian restaurants, where good taste is necessary to draw in those who tend to eat meats, as well as protein based restaurants with alternative, less-fatty and lower cholesterol choices such as bison, buffalo and ostrich. A look at fish and seafood-centric restaurants will also be included. Quite often, the healthy fish choices are often ruined by preparations such as deep-frying or sauteing in butter.

There are several restaurants to explore where the chefs have designed entire menus to complement diets for their customers. There are also restaurants that have healthy choices in a separate section of menus to satisfy the diner who wants to enjoy a night off and still not “fall off the wagon”. Finally, many restaurants, a large portion of them chains, now list calories and sometimes fat content along with other info right next to each menu item. This makes it easy to see if you can stay within a target range for maintaining weight loss while enjoying dining out.

Many of the restaurants to be looked at are ones that make a conscious effort to provide healthy meals that can be satisfying, irregardless of whether a diner is on a diet or not. Weight loss is difficult and even more so when a person feels unfulfilled after eating. That is when dieters tend to give up a diet and also choose unhealthy and non-nutritious foods to satisfy a craving. To most people, the key is that you can enjoy the meal without worrying whether it is healthy or not. The bottom line is, if it tastes good and it is healthy too, that is the ideal meal for you.

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