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Healthy delicious dessert: Baked peaches, pineapple, apples, fruits

If you have a craving for something sweet but don't have any dessert in the house or want to opt for something more natural and healthy, then try a baked fruit. It's really not as boring as it sounds and is quite divine. There's so many different combinations to choose from and play around with that you can make amazing and delicious desserts just using fruit and ingredients from the fridge and pantry. Depending on your taste preferences and health food choices, you can customize the dessert to your choosing. Here's the very simple recipe you can try at home.

Recipe for making baked peaches for dessert
Esperanza Dodge

Step One:

Cut up the fruit of your choice either in small pieces or in halves. Be sure to remove the pit and any seeds or leaves there might be. Any fruit will work but you might want to avoid fruits that you think might not bake well like grapes, kiwi and melon- however if you really want to- go for it! Some ideas for fruit that bake well include peaches, nectarines, apples, pineapples, grapefruit and pears. Please go for fresh fruit and not canned, although canned may work for some fruits.

Step Two:

Cover a baking sheet with aluminum and spread the cut fruit on the sheet. Place small pieces of butter, ghee or 'Earth Balance butter' on the fruit, but try and avoid margarine. You can skip this step all together if you wish, but it does make the fruit nice and scrumptious when heated. A small amount of coconut oil could also work.

Step Three:

Sprinkle the fruit with toppings of your choice. Here are some ideas you might want to use: sugar, brown sugar, raisins, honey, agave syrup, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, stevia, nuts, seeds, granola, cinnamon, vanilla extract, lemon zest, mint leaves, lavender and more. Try and stick to natural types of sprinkles instead of something like cake sprinkles.

Step Four:

Bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 375 degrees. The skin should start browning and when you cut into it, it should be somewhat tender on the inside, but not mushy. If you check on it at 15 minutes and it's to your liking, take out of the oven then. Or after 25 minutes, if you still want it more tender, leave it for another 5-10 minutes, but be sure to keep checking it so it doesn't get to soft or burn.

Step Five:

Serve the warm, gooey fruit in a bowl and enjoy every last bit of it! You can serve it with additional sprinkles or eat as is. It should be decedent and satisfying. Enjoy!

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