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Healthy cooking can lead to more romance

Drs. James and Debra Rouse cooking up romance and a healthy lifestyle
Drs. James and Debra Rouse cooking up romance and a healthy lifestyle
Photo courtesy of Carl Studna

Imagine spending a perfect uninterrupted evening with your spouse creating something delicious and healthy in the kitchen. It may sound impossible, but romance can be found in the kitchen, and it’s easier than you think to turn an everyday occurrence like preparing the evening meal into a romantic experience when the two of you create a new favorite dish together. By preparing a culinary masterpiece that coincides with a healthy lifestyle, you’re not only spending quality time together, you’re taking action to live a more healthy life.

With the beginning of a New Year most of us have started January 2010 with a list of carefully thought-out New Year’s resolutions. The majority of us have chosen to place at the top of our resolutions list the promise to take better care of ourselves in the coming year, secretly pledging that we’ll lose weight, get more exercise and eat a healthier diet. Studies have proven that if you go about working towards these goals with a partner or your spouse and the support of your family, you’re more likely to achieve them.

The first step towards living a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy and one local couple want to show us how easy that first step can be. Drs. James and Debra Rouse have just published their new cookbook Colorado Fit Kitchen: Inspiring Recipes for Mind, Body, Beauty and Optimum Wellness. This fantastic cookbook is one you’ll definitely want to add to your collection as it’s sure to quickly become your favorite. Its pages are loaded with mouthwatering recipes for delicious and healthy foods that you and your family will love.

The Rouse family brings a celebration of not just food, but relationships with friends, family and Spirit to the table. Their way of life is an example of how balance and total well being can lead to radiant vitality and greater health. They will be speaking tonight at 6:30 PM at the Mile Hi Church on how easy it is to embrace a healthier more vibrant lifestyle.

Drs. James and Debra Rouse’s cookbook is available for presale through their website Optimum Wellness, local King Soopers stores, and QVC. Although this fantastic cookbook isn’t available at the larger bookseller as of yet, it’s certain that you’ll see it grace the shelves of Barnes and Noble and Borders by this spring.

Start this New Year off right and bring the love of family, friends and healthy foods into your kitchen. Make this a year of better health and more romance. You’ll be glad that you did.


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