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Healthy Cooking At Home: Have Meals Made For You

LA-based Thyme Around The Table delivers a chef to your door.
LA-based Thyme Around The Table delivers a chef to your door.
Deena Fisk
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Today's column presents a solution for those of you with so so little time to cook at home.  Many pick up a quick pre-made meal at the store or restaurant, but according to Deena Fisk, owner of Thyme Around The Table, these foods aren't very good for you.  We both share the belief that the healthiest and best meals are prepared at home, and Deena's LA-based business provides a great option: she'll send a personal chef to your home. Thyme Around The Table makes it possible to have healthy meals that suit your personal taste.  Below Deena talks about her business, and shares some inspiring ideas when you're ready to make the healthy cook-at-home leap on your own.

How long have you been in business?
I started my company 2004, and went full-time in 2005.

You're based in LA, do you service all communities throughout LA County?
I have clients from Westlake Village to Manhattan Beach, and from Burbank to Malibu!

What kinds of healthy meals do you prepare for your clients?
Prior to cooking for any client, I meet with them to discuss any dietary needs/concerns. I can accommodate most any diet. The goal is to cook food that is tasty as well as healthy, whatever the restrictions are.

Is Thyme Around The Table reasonably priced?
When you consider what you spend on groceries that possibly never get used. Ever throw out a bunch of food and kick yourself?! Or consider the amount you spend on take-out or pre-made grocery store meals that weren't made fresh specifically for you. YES, it's a reasonable service!

You come into people's home and prepare healthy meals. What kind of response to you get from your clients on their overall health?
The clients who have specific needs (that I am able to meet), are thrilled to finally be eating the way they should with minimal effort.

Do you have any recommendations for anyone who is intimidated about cooking at home?
Don't bite off more than you can chew - literally! Start simple, and remember that ANYTHING you make at home is going to be healthier than anything you'll get at a restaurant or grocery store!

Do you have a favorite easy/healthy recipe that you'd like to share?
Now that summer is coming, what could be easier and healthier than just grilling up some veggies and your favorite meat (if you eat it). Keep it Simple! Save the fancy stuff (and the calories) for those special nights out!


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