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Healthy cleansing inside and out

Following a holiday filled with a feast of stuffing, ham, candied yams, endless desserts and other goodies, our bodies need to digest and absorb the nutrients, then expel all of the toxins left behind by high-calorie, fatty foods. This process is the body’s way of keeping us healthy and protecting us from rapid aging and developing degenerative diseases. However, occasionally, digestion is slower than it should be, possibly due to overeating or overindulging in an unhealthy dietary lifestyle. In these instances, indigestion can develop and if neglected, over time, can lead to a host of other unwanted health issues. However, there is a way to safely and naturally rid our body of excess waste, and that is through detoxification, or detox.

Detox is a natural process of removing toxic substances from your body, thereby allowing internal organs to function at optimal level. The goal is to reduce the amount of damaging chemicals we consume and replace them by increasing our intake of healthy vitamins, minerals, nutrients and free-radical fighting antioxidants. A healthy detox is supported by a special meal plan, which includes fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber foods such as, beans, lentils, whole wheat and nuts. It also includes nutritional supplements, water, green tea and exercise. During the detox period, foods like bread, dairy, sugar, red meat and processed meats should be avoided. The result is increased energy, a healthier and more productive digestive system, a stronger immune system, enhanced functioning of the internal organs, clearer complexion and possible weight-loss.

Considering all of the benefits, don’t you think its time for a little spring cleaning? Out with the old, and in with the new, for a healthier you!

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