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Healthy boarding

Dog sunbathing
Dog sunbathing
Alyson Pelayo

Kenneling a pet while away can be stressful, and not just for the pet. In order to kennel a pet they have to be healthy and up to date on all of their shots. The basic shots are a must; DHPP and rabies for a dog, FVRCP, FELV and rabies for a cat. Certificates proving these vaccinations have been given and when they expire is required at most boarding facilities. Some kennels will also require proof of sterility.
Dogs also need to have a Bordetella vaccine at least 5 days before going into a kennel, and annually if they are boarded frequently. This vaccine is to prevent kennel cough, which as its name suggests, is very common in a kennel environment. Kennel cough is spread from dog to dog through respiratory secretions and the virus causes a hacking dry cough. The Bordetella vaccine is the best way to prevent the spread of kennel cough but, like the flu vaccine, it does not mean that the pet cannot contract the virus.
If an indoor cat that hasn’t been vaccinated for rabies is being kenneled they will need a rabies vaccine in order to be boarded at most places. If the cat was to bite someone and did not have proof of a current rabies vaccine they could be placed in quarantine.
There are many different types of facilities available today, a Google search for the top rated locations will show a wide variety. There are those that try to make a home experience for the pet and offer many types of runs with all sorts of accommodations to help make the owner feel a little better about their family pet being away. There are also boarding facilities that boast the great outdoors and the dogs are all able to play together on acres of land. Any kennel will need to be left with instructions on what to do in the case of an emergency with the pet and the contact information for the animal’s veterinarian so they can get the proper treatment.
Another option for owners now is a veterinary hospital, because more and more are doing boarding as well. Some have even built state of the art boarding facilities on site which come with the perk of a veterinarian on staff at all times.
Follow the links to some top rated LA county boarding facilities.

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