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Healthy bars to travel with

Bars made with simple, organic ingredients.
Bars made with simple, organic ingredients.

Before reading about my 3 favorite bars to travel with, I have such exciting news: My book, Choosing Health, has been relaunched and formatted to Kindle! It's got a fabulous new cover and you can find it in either the new Kindle version or paperback on Amazon. Add it to your summer reading list and learn how to best transform your health in simple steps.

3 Healthy, Tasty Bars

There is a growing selection of healthy, whole food-based bars which is AWESOME for those of us who want to stay healthy & energized (and stay on track!) while traveling. SO many of the bars on the market are loaded with blood sugar disrupting ingredients like sugar, agave nectar, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and/or high amounts of dried fruit, fruit-based syrups, honey, and maple syrup. Artificial sweeteners, while they may not directly raise blood sugar, have been associated with a variety of health problems including diabetes and many forms of cancer and are best avoided.
If you are traveling this summer, here are 3 whole food bars to consider taking with you.

Epic Bars: Sustainably-raised, 100% organic grass-fed meat combined with minimal, whole ingredients. No sugar, grains, gluten or dairy. I love the Bison Bacon Cranberry flavor!

Gather Bars: Hazelnuts, maca and cocoa? Macademia nut, pumpkin seeds, coconut & dates? Sign me up! I'm all for bars that are grain-free, fruit-sweetened only bars with lots of healthy fats to balance blood sugar.

PaleoKrunch Bar (Original): Sometimes a granola bar hits the spot. This bar by Steve's Paleo Goods rocks. Coconut oil, almond meal, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut and a smidge of honey=simple, healthy, tasty.

Safe and healthy travels! Don't forget to bring a great book with you! :)

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